Water is an indispensable and scarce resource for life, our homes, security and for the economical, social and environmental development. An asset that ACCIONA does not want to see becoming a memory, nor a museum piece. Our commitment with society and the planet is to preserve this scarce resources.

With this objective we join World Water Day Celebration on March 22.

The campaig, "if we value the water now, it will never be a memory" #SameWaterSameFuture represents a futurist vision of the loss this precious resource as we know it. Set in New York Natural History Museum, it focuses on the underlying vision of planet preservation along its water resources.


On March 22, World Water Day is celebrated around the world.


Water is essential for the 7,700 million+ people who inhabit the planet. We all need access to sufficient quantities of water for drinking and personal hygiene.

Having safe and sufficient access to drinking water and sanitation is a basic human right recognised by the United Nations in its Sustainable Development Goals. To ensure this, ACCIONA works constantly on the development of suitable infrastructures.

Projects such as the drinking water plants at Putatán and Laguna Lake in the Philippines; Mundaring in Australia, or Saint John in Canada are just three examples.

The company has built more than 125 drinking water treatment plants with a total capacity of over 8.6 million m3/day on the five continents.


It is estimated that around four thousand million people are lacking basic sanitation services, with more than 80% of wastewater from human activity discharged into rivers and seas without prior treatment. This leads to pollution that puts people’s lives and biological diversity in jeopardy.

To put an end to this serious problem, ACCIONA has built more than 330 wastewater treatment plants with a processing capacity of 22.3 million m3/day that are capable of providing a service to a population equivalent of 80 million.

These projects incorporate technologies that boost energy efficiency, the recovery of resources and the quality of the water treated.

ACCIONA has built more than 330 wastewater treatment plants with a processing capacity of 22.3 million m3/day.


A person needs a minimum of 50 to 100 litres of water a day for drinking, nourishment and personal hygiene, according to the World Health Organization. Simple gestures such as washing hands and being able to drink potable water have a major impact on individual and social health, and they help to prevent illnesses.

Water shortages, which affect 40% of the world’s population, mean that sustainable and innovative solutions need to be found to ensure that Sustainable Development Goal 6 −“Clean Water and Sanitation”− is a reality.

ACCIONA is a pioneer in desalination through reverse osmosis, the best desalination technology for supplying fresh water in areas that suffer water stress, and for promoting a decarbonized economy.

The company has built desalination plants that can processes around 4.9 million m3/day, sufficient to supply around 25 million people.

Reverse osmosis technology means 6.5 times fewer CO2 emissions than conventional desalination technologies in the Middle East and Africa. Just in this region, ACCIONA is developing major projects such as the Shuqaiq I and III, Al Khobar I and II desalination plants in Saudi Arabia; Jebel Ali, in the United Arab Emirates, or the extension of Umm Al Houl in Qatar.

The company has built desalination plants that can processes around 4.9 million m3/day.


By 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in cities. This will mean higher demand for water, which should be managed in an end-to-end manner.

For more than 30 years ACCIONA has provided end-to-end water services that benefit sustainable development in large cities. Specifically, from water management and treatment solutions that include maintenance and repair to the commercial management of water in over 180 cities in Spain, Peru, Panama, Italy, Portugal and Mexico, with a total population served of around 17.8 million.

ACCIONA provides end-to-end water cycle services.


Water is the habitat for millions of species, and an essential resource for most of the natural environments of ecological value. If bodies of water disappear, diminish or degrade, important species for the life cycle and the balance of nature are affected and disappear too. This also means that societies will be more vulnerable to climate change.

A responsible society cannot exhaust its water resources, and should return the water used to the natural environment in the best possible condition.

ACCIONA researches innovative technological solutions in the area of water re-use to optimize tertiary treatment processes and respond to the growing demand for water for agricultural uses, irrigation for urban green areas, recreational activities and groundwater recharge to combat saline intrusion.

The protection of the environment is an essential factor in the design and execution of water treatment plants, as well as in the start-up, operation and maintenance phases.

ACCIONA researches innovative technological solutions in the area of water re-use.


Climate change will determine the quality and quantity of water available in the future.

Given that floods and droughts will increase, the risks of pollution and higher levels of pathogens in water will also rise.

We need to move to a circular model of production and use water more efficiently. This will also contribute to reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Protecting carbon sinks such as the oceans and wetlands, adopting agricultural techniques that are smart in climate terms, and increasing the safe re-use of wastewater are some alternatives.

We need to move to a circular model of production and use water more efficiently.


n the light of the challenges faced by present-day and future society, ACCIONA is committed to the end-to-end management of the water cycle based on two differentiating factors: technology and sustainability.

The company’s R&D+i division researches the processes involved in the desalination, treatment, re-use and distribution of water to come up with efficient and environment-friendly solutions.

It is also firmly committed to the automation of plants and processes to improve their competitiveness and efficiency. ACCIONA’s Water Control Centre captures and analyses data from plants and external sources to optimize the management of water and decision-making.

In the area of services, 4.0 digital solutions such as geo-positioning, remote control and remote reading or recent projects such as GOTA Cia or BIONS, are applied for the day-to-day management of water.

Water is a unique resource. It means homes, development, and health. And it is the basis of life. ACCIONA commits to caring for it to ensure that it is correctly managed, and that we can all continue to enjoy such an essential element.

Indeed, our future depends on it.


ACCIONA is a leading group in sustainable solutions for renewable energy infrastructures and projects worldwide.

Through its Water Division, it is a leader in the water treatment sector, with the capability to design, build and operate drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, tertiary treatment processes for the re-use of water and desalination plants using reverse osmosis technology.